SAN DIEGO — Petco Health and Wellness Company, Inc., announced two new partnerships earlier this week, one of which will expand its human-grade pet nutrition offerings and the other will expand its on-demand delivery to pet parents across the United States.

The pet retailer first announced Aug. 15 that it has partnered with Ollie, a human-grade brand of fresh and baked food, treat and supplement products for dogs, becoming the brand’s first brick-and-mortar partner. By the end of September, Ollie products will be available through, via the Petco mobile app, and in nearly 800 Petco centers across the country.

“The fresh food category continues to experience incredible growth as pet parents seek out the same high-quality ingredients for their furry family members as they do for themselves,” said Amy College, chief merchandising officer at Petco. “We’re thrilled about this innovative partnership with Ollie to expand access to human-grade nutrition and give pet parents more convenient options to help keep pets healthy and happy.”  

According to Ollie, it is the second-largest subscription-based dog food brand in the United States. The company’s human-grade products span fresh and baked pet food products, as well as treats and supplements ranging from crunchy, training, jerky and dental chews to functional supplements targeting gut health and mobility.

The company’s complete-and-balanced fresh dog food products are slow-cooked and frozen to preserve nutrients. The recipes are fortified with fruits and vegetables and available in several protein options, including human-grade chicken, beef, turkey and pork. Ollie’s baked dog food portfolio features the same ingredients in chicken or beef formulas that are gently baked at low temperatures in small batches.

“At Ollie, we’re on a mission to transform pet health through nutrition, and now we’re expanding our highly successful direct-to-consumer business by launching an omnichannel strategy,” said Nick Stafford, chief executive officer at Ollie. “Our priority was partnering with a trusted leader that shares our values, and Petco is that leader. We know pet parents across the country rely on Petco to connect them with the best products in a rapidly evolving market. We can’t wait for them to discover Ollie.” 

Petco will offer all these products in-store, displayed in brand-designated fixtures including a freezer for its fresh formulas and shelf space for its baked diets, treats and supplements, as well as online. The retailer will also feature an expanded Ollie presence — including complete product lines as well as exclusive experiences, like a button-automated treat dispenser and bottom-shelf mirrors for pups — at its stores in San Diego, San Francisco, Boston, and Tacoma, Wash., with plans to roll out these enhanced displays to more stores in 2024.

Additionally, Petco shared on Aug. 17 it has expanded its partnership with DoorDash to now service pet owners across the United States through DoorDash Marketplace. The retailer first partnered with the last-mile delivery platform in 2020 and has been building out the partnership ever since.

“Our expanded partnership with DoorDash makes Petco’s differentiated assortment of health and wellness products accessible to even more pet parents across the country,” said Darren MacDonald, chief customer officer at Petco. “Combined with new enhancements to the Petco app, we’re continuing to meet the unique needs of pets and pet parents in a way that no one else can.” 

Petco expands partnership with DoorDash yet againSource: Petco Health and Wellness Company, Inc.

Through the DoorDash mobile app, pet owners will now have increased access to Petco’s 10,000-plus pet product selection for on-demand delivery. These products include pet food, treats, durable products and accessories for dogs, cats and other companion animals. DoorDash will service Petco customers’ same-day delivery and eligible repeat delivery orders.

“Ninety-eight percent of DoorDash consumers in the United States have access to retail or grocery stores on our platform,” said Fuad Hannon, vice president of new verticals at DoorDash. “The future of commerce is on-demand and local as consumers want faster and easier ways to get the items they need delivered to them right now. Whether it’s the dog food you forgot to grab while out or a treat or toy, consumers now have convenient on-demand access to pets’ whole health needs. Our partnership helps Petco meet consumers where they are and further fulfills DoorDash’s mission to grow and empower local economies.” 

Petco has also updated its own mobile app to provide a more centralized and streamlined way for pet owners to keep up with pet care actions such as nutrition, vaccinations and grooming reminders. The updates include a “Pay in 4” purchasing solution through Klarna, which the retailer has been using on its website and across more than 1,500 of its brick-and-mortar stores. The Pay in 4 solution aims to provide financial flexibility to pet owners as they juggle inflationary pressures with pet health and wellness priorities.

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