HARTSVILLE, SC. — On Aug. 8, Sonoco, a packaging provider, shared an expansion of its EnviroFlex® Paper packaging line, adding two new cold-seal solutions. The new offerings include pre-qualifications from How2Recycle®, making the packaging the first of its kind to bring cold-seal capabilities to curbside recyclable paper packaging, according to Sonoco.

The new EnviroFlex Paper Ultimate (ULT) 1.0 CS packaging line features a high oxygen, moisture and grease barrier, making it ideal for moisture sensitive products like pet treats and foods containing nuts. The new EnviroFlex Paper Advanced (ADV) 4.0 CS packaging features a medium-level oxygen and moisture barrier ideal for confections and powdered food products.

Alongside their product protection benefits, the ULT and ADV packaging solutions are made without chemicals of concern, including PFAS and PVDC, to ensure food safety. The offerings are also curbside recyclable through How2Recycle’s “widely recyclable” pre-qualification.

“Non-fiber components may cause disruption during the paper making process and impact the quality of recycled paper,” said Laura Buen Abad, senior director of technology and marketing. “Through partnering with our suppliers and leveraging our internal screening capabilities to test fiber repulping and recycling, our team has developed cold-seal paper-based structures that allow for the clean separation of cold seal and paper fibers and result in excellent paper quality after the standard paper recycling process. This was recently confirmed through third party testing.”

According to Sonoco, the new offerings, as well as its entire EnviroFlex Paper line, can make a “real difference” in helping reduce packaging waste and promoting responsible packaging practices. With a recyclable pre-qualification, the packaging enforces Sonoco’s commitment to a circular packaging economy as it works to continue to expand its eco-friendly packaging solutions.

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