HOUSTON — Polytex Fibers, part of the Five Star family of companies, has introduced a full line of mono-material packaging films and premade bags for pet food and treats. The line, PurE, features several formats made with 100% polyethylene (PE) materials, which are fully recyclable.

Polyethylene is a popular choice for sustainable pet food packaging, as the mono-material format promotes recyclability without jeopardizing performance. According to Polytex, its PurE PE films have “equivalent properties to traditional PET films.”

"We are extremely proud of the advances we offer in 100% PE structures to support of our customers' 2025 sustainability pledges,” said Mike Ukropina, chief executive officer of Five Star. “The PurE family of products achieves our goal of fully recyclable packages with both industry-leading performance and appearance. We believe monomaterial packaging is an important part of our sustainability solution and extends our leadership alongside our closed-loop programs and bio-films packaging."

The PurE line includes quad seal bags and standup pouches. They are made with up to 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials, and are compatible with existing closed loop recycling programs, the company stated.

According to Polytex, the films offer 30% less haze compared to other PE options, which results in clearer print. They are also 300% stiffer for improved shelf appeal, offer high oxygen and moisture barrier properties, have a high melt index for strong seals, and have up to 90% less elongation compared to other PE films, which makes them applicable on high-speed packaging lines.

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