VIENNA, AUSTRIA — Mondi announced Feb. 9 the development of a recyclable, functional barrier paper packaging line designed to offer high-barrier protection for form-fill-seal (FFS) applications while offering sustainable benefits.

The line, AegisPaper, replaces plastic with paper, a renewable resource with puncture resistance, flexibility, printability and barrier protection, Mondi stated. AegisPaper can protect against grease and water vapor for pet food, dry food, frozen food, confectionary, e-commerce, and other products.

“Sustainability is at the centre of our strategy and I am pleased that this continues to be a focus for our customers,” said Peter Orisich, chief executive officer of flexible packaging and engineered materials for Mondi. “Thanks to combining Mondi’s know-how of paper making, coating, printing, converting, pouch and bag making alongside our expertise in selected end-uses for consumers, we make ‘paper where possible, plastic when useful,’ a reality. This launch is a breakthrough for the next generation of sustainable packaging.”

 According to Mondi, its new paper packaging line can replace plastic packaging traditionally used for many fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). For example, AegisPaper reduced plastic for a European dry pasta manufacturer by 90%, saving 7.5 tonnes of plastic film per year for just one of its product categories.

Mondi offers three grades for various applications: AegisPaper select for a wide range of custom barrier properties; AegisPaper 95/5 food, a fully recyclable option for food applications with the best mechanical properties; and AegisPaper reduce, the thinnest functional barrier option to reduce the amount packaging material used.

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