MISSION VIEJO, CALIF. — Compana Pet Brands has formed an exclusive two-year partnership with Smart Cups, a sustainability-driven technology company. According to the companies, the partnership “ushers in a new era in the pet care industry” by leveraging Smart Cup’s technology to promote hydration and offer pet parents “unprecedented convenience and precision in pet care.”

Founded in 2013, Smart Cups specializes in precise ingredient dosing through innovative printing technology. The company prints precise doses of nutritional supplements onto recyclable bowls for use in human and pet nutrition. For example, each cup can be printed with 125mg of caffeine, amino acids, vitamins, sweeteners and flavor, becoming an energy drink for humans once water is added.

Compana will utilize this technology to offer pet parents convenience and extreme accuracy in pet supplement delivery.

“We are honored to embark on this game-changing journey alongside Smart Cups, empowering pet owners to provide their beloved companions with the very best in pet care,” said Dominic Strada, chief sales officer of Compana Pet Brands. “Through the integration of their cutting-edge printing technology, we can ensure precise dosing and effortless delivery of supplements, thereby enriching the lives of pets and their families. This exclusive partnership exemplifies our unwavering dedication to innovation and delivering exceptional products to our valued customers.”

According to Compana, the partnership represents a significant milestone in the pet care industry, combining cutting-edge technological innovations with a commitment to supporting pet health and wellness.

Alongside a shared commitment to pet health, the partnership will also drive the companies’ dedication toward sustainability. According to Smart Cups, its technology helps eliminate reliance on liquid-filled products, reducing storage and transportation requirements and, therefore, leading to a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

“We are beyond thrilled to partner with Compana Pet Brands in redefining the delivery of pet supplements,” said Chris Kanik, chief executive officer of Smart Cups. “While renowned as the world’s first printed beverage, our technology holds boundless potential for a myriad of applications outside of food and beverage. Smart Cups Technology, born as a cutting-edge drug delivery method, is now coming full circle with this exhilarating collaboration, rekindling our visionary roots and propelling us into an unprecedented era of innovation in the pet care industry. This exclusive collaboration showcases the unparalleled versatility of Smart Cups Technology and its profound impact across diverse industries. Together, we are re-shaping the future of pet care while championing sustainability.”

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