CHRÁŠŤANY, CZECH REPUBLIC — VAFO Group shared plans to extend its partnership with the Czech University of Life Sciences (CZU) and the university’s Point One incubator. According to VAFO, the partnership seeks to “establish a clearer path to lasting sustainability in the pet industry.”

The partnership is part of VAFO’s commitment to the environment, which also includes developing climate-neutral pet food products and recyclable packaging materials. This is the second year VAFO has partnered with CZU and its Point One program, which seeks to support student projects relating to ecological agriculture.

According to VAFO, the partnership will also allow it to support “young talents” that will help drive continued innovation in the pet food and treat industry.

“We’re very pleased to have reached an agreement on extending our collaboration with CZU, with which VAFO shares many of the same mission values,” said Petr Kříž, head of M&A at VAFO. “Not only is the university involved in the food industry, like us, but many of our colleagues earned their degrees there. I believe that this collaboration and the exchange of knowhow will lead to dynamic development on both sides and will give rise to projects that are applicable to our business activities and will ultimately lead to further development of the partnership.”

Kříž served on the judging panel of Point One’s 2022 Best Startup Competition, during which he was particularly impressed by a product focused on preventing digestive issues in animals, called Živý uhlík (Living Carbon).

“From the very beginning, our flagship brand Brit has promoted the concept of prevention by nutrition, and pet health is our number-one priority,” Kříž said. “That’s why I liked the Živý uhlík project for prevention of digestive problems. I’m glad I could be a part of the competition and see up close a wide variety of interesting projects that will, hopefully, continue to evolve. I was also able to explore several new opportunities for collaboration between CZU and our company.”

The collaboration is expected to drive innovation in the pet food industry, specifically focusing on efforts that reduce environmental impact.

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