TORONTO — On Aug. 16, ethey Group, a food producer and co-packer, announced its partnership with Puppy Gang Fresh Foods, a human-grade pet food company, expanding its food delivery service to include pet food.

Founded in 2019 by certified animal nutritionists Sarah Tritsaris and Marisa Hoskins, Puppy Gang strives to improve dog health and wellness through its human-grade dog food products. The company’s pet food is formulated with whole foods, including high quality, locally sourced, and hormone- and antibiotic-free meats and produce without the addition of preservatives, fillers, chemicals or additives. The pet food is available in four formulas: Beef Lovers, Zesty Rosemary Chicken, Fisherman’s Catch and Thanksgiving Turkey.

The company also offers dog treats and supplements. Puppy Gang’s products are delivered directly to consumers to offer convenience.

Committed to sustainability, Puppy Gang’s products are packaged in reusable packaging and produced using an eco-friendly method. The company also donates 1% of all its sales to local dog rescues throughout Canada, making them a natural partner for ethey, according to the company.

Through the partnership, ethey Group will help Puppy Gang increase its audience.

Founded in 2015 by Nick Spina, a veteran and entrepreneur, ethey Group strives to reduce food waste by building a closed-loop food system. The company’s food processing facility in London, Ontario, serves as an incubator, allowing the company to aid in the growth of sustainable food brands like Puppy Gang.

Ethey Foods, ethey Group’s flagship brand, offers zero-waste food delivery through Canada, including chef-prepared, cooked meals to consumers who want to eat healthy and help fight food waste. To create its meals, Ethey Foods has a partnership with a worm farm, which recycles food scraps and creates high-grade fertilizer that Ethey Foods uses to grow its ingredients.

As well as its partnership with Puppy Gang, ethey Group also announced a new partnership with Blankslate Wellness, a sustainable, cold-pressed juice company.

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