DELRAY BEACH, FLA. — PetMeds®, a DTC provider of prescription and non-prescription pet medications and other pet health products, introduced its new signature pet line: DelRay™ Pet Apothecary. The line offers premium pet health products, ranging from supplements and treats to grooming products, at an affordable price point for pet parents.

PetMeds was encouraged to create the new affordable line upon witnessing rising costs associated with pet ownership. Pet owners have been increasing their spending habits as the awareness of pet health continues to rise. Inflation has also forced many pet parents to dedicate more dollars to their pets, with many beginning to reach their limit, according to the American Pet Products Association’s (APPA) latest pulse study.

To meet consumer demand, while also ensuring affordability, PetMeds released the new DelRay Pet Apothecary line. Among the many various products, the line includes premium nutritional products like chewable supplements and treats.

“Pet parents who see their dog or cat as family always want to provide the best for them, but that can be difficult with rising costs,” said Dan Pingree, chief marketing officer of PetMeds. “That’s why we started DelRay Pet Apothecary. Now, pet parents no longer have to choose between cost and quality.”

The line offers a variety of supplements, targeting specific pet health concerns including anxiety, hip and joint, bladder, digestive, allergy and immune health. The supplements are made in the United States and contain active ingredients combined with holistic blends to support overall pet health. The line also includes limited-ingredient dog treats, ranging from antler chews and bully sticks to beef hide.

PetMeds’ DelRay Pet Apothecary line is available to pet parents online only at PetMeds’ e-commerce platform. To celebrate the new line, PetMeds is offering a 20% discount of up to $30 off the new products until the end of the year.

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