OVERLAND PARK, KAN. — Hill’s Pet Nutrition, a division of Colgate-Palmolive, announced a series of new product innovations for its therapeutic pet food line, Hill’s Prescription Diet, on Jan. 11. The new innovations are “anchored in science,” according to Hill’s Pet Nutrition, with a specific focus on palatability.

The Prescription Diet products include:

  • z/d Low Fat Hydrolyzed Soy Canine, designed for dogs with food and fat sensitivities. Formulated with Hill’s ActivBiome+ ingredient, the formula supports the gut microbiome, digestive health, skin and coat and overall wellbeing. This formula is expected to launch in mid-March.
  • c/d Multicare Low Fat Canine, designed for dogs also with fat sensitivities. This diet is also formulated to help support a dog’s urinary health. The formula will launch in June.
  • Gastrointestinal Biome Stress Felines, an upgraded formula from the current Gastrointestinal Biome feline diet. This formula is designed to help manage stress in cats with GI issues. Formulated with ActivBiome+, the diet is also designed to support the gut microbiome, as well as digestive health and overall wellbeing. This cat food is set to launch in June.
  • New wet flavors of c/d Multicare Stress Feline. This diet is designed to help reduce stress and support urinary health in felines, and will be available in three new flavors: Vegetable & Tuna Stew, Tuna, and Chicken. The new flavors are expected to launch in June.

All the new and enhanced products were formulated using the Science of Taste, Hill’s proprietary, evidence-based approach to taste and palatability, ensuring that pets enjoy the format, flavor and consistency of their food.

“Oftentimes, veterinarians reach out when they are working to identify the best approach to nutritional support for a patient with more than one concern,” said Karen Shenoy, US chief veterinary officer at Hill’s Pet Nutrition. “We track these requests and have focused our 2024 innovation plans around some of the most requested diets. Vets can rest assured knowing we developed these products using methodology proven to appeal to pets’ taste preferences — pets will enjoy eating the food and receive the nutrition they need.”

In addition to the new and enhanced Prescription Diet products, Hill’s Pet Nutrition also hit home on the importance of managing pet weight to help curb the pet obesity epidemic. According to a 2022 Pet Obesity Study done by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, one in three pet parents do not realize their pet has a weight issue. Hill’s is hoping to change this and provide nutrition to help end the epidemic.

“We’re partnering with veterinarians to help pet parents recognize when their pets are overweight and to make the weight-loss journey a positive experience,” Shenoy said. “Through a powerful blend of ingredients, Hill’s provides nutrition that stimulates a pet’s natural ability to burn fat and keeps them playful and active, with flavor and an irresistible taste that pets love.”

According to the company, palatability is particularly important in diets created to support weight management. Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic wet and dry pet foods are designed with this top of mind and are formulated to help pets lose weight and keep it off. Ninety-six percent of dogs lost weight at home in just two months when fed Hill’s Metabolic formula, according to the company.

“Regardless of whether we’re supporting veterinarians in helping pets lose weight or in managing their other unique needs, we’ve created science-backed nutrition that pets love to eat,” Shenoy said. “Food is a powerful tool in keeping pets healthy. By providing pets with our best nutrition, we hope to help more pet families enjoy quality years together.”

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