ST. LOUIS — At the end of May, Nestlé Purina Petcare’s Friskies cat nutrition brand launched a new cat treat line: Friskies Playfuls. The new cat treats feature a unique design specifically developed to move around and help promote play in felines.

Friskies Playfuls are round-shaped, crunchy treats with a hole in the center, allowing the treats to roll on their own. The treats can also help foster connection between owners and their cats by engaging felines in play.

“Playing with pets can help build trust, support their physical and mental health and improve their obedience and training, but playing has other powerful effects,” said Alex Johnson, animal enrichment specialist at Purina. “It can also lower pets’ cortisol levels, influence their brain development and help them gather information to understand boundaries and different ways of communicating with their owners.”

The Playfuls treats are available in two varieties: Chicken & Liver and Salmon & Shrimp. The Playfuls with Real Chicken & Liver treats are formulated with chicken, chicken meal, brewers rice, pea starch, barley, dried yeast, cassava root flour, turkey by-product meal, taurine, and other vitamins and minerals. The Playfuls with Real Salmon & Shrimp treats are formulated with salmon, brewers rice, chicken meal, barley, pea starch, dried yeast, cassava root flour, shrimp meal, taurine, and other vitamins and minerals.

Friskies Payfuls treats are available in 2.1-oz and 6-oz packages at retailers throughout the United States.

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