FRANKLIN, TENN. — Mars Petcare announced May 16 that its IAMS™ pet nutrition brand and Wisdom Panel, a brand of Mars Petcare’s Science & Diagnostics division, have teamed up to support pet health and wellness through nutrition. The partnership combines Wisdom Panel’s DNA technology with IAMS’ science-based pet food offerings, providing pets with more tailored nutrition.

“The work between the IAMS brand and Wisdom Panel is the latest example of marrying nutrition with advanced technology and breed-specific insights to support the health of our loving pets,” said Jean-Paul Jansen, vice president of marketing for Mars Petcare North America. “IAMS and Wisdom Panel are helping pet parents unlock a deeper understanding of their unique pet and providing proactive ways to care for them throughout every life stage.”

Pet parents can use a WISDOM PANEL™ Test to orally swab their dogs and cats at home. After two to three weeks of processing, consumers will receive the genetic results, which includes a breed report and extensive health insights. Using these results, pet parents can go to and use the IAMS™ Food Finder Quiz, which will recommend the right IAMS nutritional offerings specific to their pets along with proactive tips to keep pets in optimal health.

Wisdom Panel offers a variety of pet DNA test kits, including three tests for dogs and one for cats. The tests offer breed reporting with more than 350 breeds represented, allow pet parents to find their pets’ “relatives,” and provide insights into a pets’ physical features and various health insights ranging from genetic disorders to health risks.

“As the most accurate pet DNA test on the market, Wisdom Panel helps uncover breed-specific insights and genetic predispositions that give pet parents a better understanding of their pet's unique needs,” said Christine Fong, general manager at Wisdom Panel. “Together with IAMS, we are providing pet parents with more knowledge to make proactive decisions about their pet's care.”

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