LAKEWOOD, COLO. — KND Labs, a manufacturer of hemp-based nutraceuticals, announced on Feb. 21 a partnership with ReaGenics, a plant molecular company. Through the partnership, KND Labs will expand its product offerings outside of hemp-derived cannabinoids, enabling it to become a global leader in extracting rare and unique ingredients.

Founded in 2018, KND Labs produces premium ingredients in powdered isolates, distillate oil and liquid and powder water-soluble formats. The company serves various industries and received NSF certification for its CBD ingredients for use in pet and other industries.

According to KND Labs, the partnership is a “natural progression” and will significantly benefit both companies as they seek to expand their presence in the nutraceutical, food and pet industries.

“As a proven partner across many industries from food and beverage to nutraceuticals, pet and cosmetics, KND Labs is thrilled to expand our supply chain and product offerings through this partnership with ReaGenics,” said Nich Wilson, president of KND Labs. “This capability directly supports the company’s growth goals and allows us to target, extract and commercialize revolutionary ingredients within the KND Labs platform we are known for.”

Based in Nes Tziona, Israel, ReaGenics specializes in plant molecular harvesting, providing technology for growing living plant stem cells without solely relying on the environment. The company’s scalable technology and process gives it access to molecular materials that can be used in food and beverage, herbal medicine and other industries.

“Our world urgently needs a way to keep up with the growing demands of medicines, food supply chains, and the problem of so many of the world’s plant species on their way to extinction,” said Michael Kagan, Ph.D., chief executive officer of ReaGenics. “We believe ReaGenics will be part of the solution to ensure these global needs and challenges are met. This partnership with KND is an important first step.”

Through its processing plants located in Denver, KND Labs plans to leverage the partnership to expand into new areas of ingredient expertise, while also providing ReaGenics access to its facilities and distribution network.

“Many customers are looking to KND Labs for our industry expertise and scaling capabilities as they aim to diversify their ingredient supply chains,” said Dave Swanwick, director of sales at KND Labs. “This partnership with ReaGenics enables us to offer a greater variety of ingredients, at scale, to our direct partners as well as for network marketing sellers of hemp plant-derived products, and it will allow us to further grow our footprint as the premier provider of high-demand nutraceutical ingredients. We are very excited to be improving supply chain access and commercializing rare ingredients worldwide.”

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