LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND — On May 9, Gnubiotics Sciences SA, a biotech company, announced a partnership with ADM. Through the partnership, both companies will focus on the commercialization of microbiome solutions for pet health and wellness products.

Gnubiotics will provide ADM with access to its cutting-edge technology, expanding ADM’s capabilities in microbiome innovation.

“We´re excited about this partnership with Gnubiotics, and the capabilities they bring, enabling pet parents to better understand their pets’ microbiome,” said Gustavo Zenaide, vice president of ADM Pet and Animal Wellbeing. “With this knowledge, ADM can leverage its comprehensive pantry of pet and animal well-being solutions to improve individual pet health through precise nutrition and supplementation.”

Based in Switzerland, Gnubiotics uses glycopeptides as immunomodulatory agents to help pets maintain a healthy microbiome. The company’s products include a line of functional ingredients and a line of supplements developed to help pets in post-antibiotic recovery. Data from the company shows that its animal milk oligosaccharides (AMOs) help protect dogs’ microbiomes from negative effects of antibiotics.

In 2021, Gnubiotics announced several microbiome patents that are used to predict, diagnose and treat obesity in cats, a cause of diabetes and chronic kidney disease.

“We are pleased to work with ADM, a global leader in human and animal health and nutrition,” said Yemi Adesokan, co-founder and chief executive officer of Gnubiotics. “We have developed products which have functional and clinically demonstrated applications for animal health and wellbeing. This strategic partnership with ADM is a major accomplishment for Gnubiotics as it represents validation of our science and technology. We are excited to collaborate with ADM to continue to develop and bring to market, data-driven microbiome-targeted solutions.”

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