NEW YORK — Lord Jameson, an organic dog treat producer, announced Sept. 10 it has entered a retail partnership with Hollywood Feed to offer its treats in more than 100 stores throughout Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, Mississippi, and other states.

Hollywood Feed was founded in 1950 and provides natural and holistic pet products with a focus on US-made pet food products, regionally sourced treats and other high-quality pet products.

“Providing the highest quality products to pet parents is central to what we do, and we feel Lord Jameson’s exceptional dog treats will resonate with our customers,” said Shawn McGhee, president of Hollywood Feed. “We are beyond excited to begin this new partnership.”

Lord Jameson’s dog treats are created with organic fruits, vegetables, gluten-free grains, herbs, botanicals and plant-based proteins. They are free from gluten, soy, corn, dairy and do not contain preservatives or GMOs.

“We know how much Hollywood Feed truly cares about the quality of each product they sell and the ingredients included in every product, and we are honored to form this new partnership,” said Sarah Goldberger, founder and chief executive officer of Lord Jameson. “We couldn’t agree more that natural, organic and holistic ingredients and nutrition are the most important qualities for what goes into our dogs’ food. We are dedicated to providing the healthiest treats for dogs and Hollywood Feed is the perfect partner that shares the same values and principles. We are super excited to share our Everyday Dog Patisserie Collection and Holiday Collection treats with all of Hollywood Feed’s 100+ stores across 14 states!”

Lord Jameson recently introduced its holiday-themed treat line in July, featuring formulas such as Holiday Cobbler, Hanukkah Gelt and Gingerbread.

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