CINCINNATI — Pet Wants detailed an “impressive year of growth” for 2022, which included 20 new franchise units and 30% increase in revenue. The brand attributed the growth to its “innovative business model, unique consumer offering and simplified operations,” stating that more and more entrepreneurs are joining the franchise.

The brand also grew internally with the recent appointment of its new Brand President DeNita Carani.

“Overall, it has been a very strong growth year for existing franchisees as we’ve been able to increase systemwide sales by 30% by adding less than 20 new franchisees,” Carani said. “It is really thanks to our franchise owners, who focus on educating pet owners in their community on health and wellness and nutrition. The more that we educate the pet parent on the things that make Pet Wants so good for their furry family members, the more our sales grow.”

Pet Wants offers premium fresh pet food produced in small batches to help ensure high quality. The brand also operates a franchise, which carries its premium pet food products.

To further expand its offerings, the brand launched grooming services at its retail locations. According to Pet Wants, the new services are expected to grow its business significantly.

“Grooming services are going to really launch some franchise owners into a whole new level of connection in the community and profitability,” Carani said.

During this year, Pet Wants also announced a shift to its business operations to a more scalable retail model. Franchise owners can now begin their Pet Wants career via a mobile or event-based business, enabling them to focus on acquiring subscriptions and customers and building connections within local communities.

After one year, franchise owners will then be able to launch their first retail location, selling pet food, chews, treats and supplements produced by Pet Wants. According to Pet Wants, this new business model allows its franchisees to take advantage of both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar sales channels.

The brand also hosted its first in-person national conference since the pandemic.

“Our conference is a great way to focus on education and sharing best practices across the system,” Carani said. “Everyone was very excited to get together, and we are looking forward to more conferences in the future.”

For 2023, Pet Wants is focusing on further expanding its franchise network with the addition of 35 to 40 new owners. The brand is currently seeking franchisees in Texas, Florida, Utah, California and the Pacific Northwest markets.

“We will continue to target markets where we need additional distribution or new markets where we would like to introduce our products or services,” Carani said. “We are also looking to further build out the support team and add new resources in technology and marketing. We are very proud of the growth we’ve seen this year, but we want to make sure to continue to prioritize our franchisees’ success so we can be sure to grow the right way.”

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