BERKLEY, CALIF. — At SuperZoo 2022, from Aug. 23 to 25, cruelty-free dog food company Wild Earth showed a sneak peek of its new Core Collection line. The company also showcased its latest products: Complete Protein Dog Food and Superfood Dog Treats.

Developed by veterinarians and animal food scientists, Wild Earth’s line of high-quality and nutritionally complete vegan dog formulas contain no fillers. According to the company, research has shown that dogs can thrive on plant-based diets and experience fewer signs of health conditions compared to those on a meat-based diet.

“2022 has been momentous for changing the conversation around plant-based dog food,” said Ryan Bethencourt, co-founder and chief executive officer of Wild Earth. “More and more studies are emerging that support our conviction that dogs fed a plant-based, nutritionally complete food like Wild Earth are healthier and live longer.”

According to data shared from Wild Earth, plant-based dog diets have shown to help support overall health and wellness, as 86% of pet parents who served their dogs plant-based diets reported health improvements. Forty-four percent noticed improvements in their dogs’ energy levels, 50% witnessed improvements in skin and coat health and 43% reported a reduction in itching and scratching after switching to plant-based diets.

With this data in mind, Wild Earth continues to expand its vegan dog food offerings with its new Core Collection line. The new line offers plant-based diets formulated with limited ingredients. Core Collection will officially launch in 2023 with two flavors: Rotisserie and Classic Roast.

As well as a sneak peek at Core Collection, Bethencourt also teased the company’s progress in developing cell-based proteins for use in pet food formulas.

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