CHILLIWASK, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Petcurean announced a new partnership with CUDDLY, a crowd-funding platform supporting animal nonprofits and rescues, on Aug. 2. Petcurean will serve as the company’s preferred kibble pet food partner, providing rescues and shelters throughout North America with pet food products.

“At Petcurean, we’re committed to always putting pets first and we love partnering with organizations who care about the welfare of pets as much as we do,” said Kambria Newton, trade marketing manager at Petcurean. “This exclusive partnership allows us to tangibly support countless animal welfare organizations within CUDDLY’s global network, by providing cats and dogs in need with the best possible nutrition through our flagship brands, GO! SOLUTIONS™ and NOW FRESH™. We can’t wait to see what we are able to accomplish together.”

Founded in 2014, CUDDLY helps animal organizations through fundraising and wish lists through which consumers can donate. The company has helped support more than 3,500 animal shelters and rescues, funded more than 30,000 campaigns and raised $49.3 million in donations.

“We see thousands of starved and neglected animals saved by rescues every month,” said Samantha Marmion, director of rescue partnerships at CUDDLY. “We’re so proud to be able to offer this highly nutritious pet food to support their recovery.”

Through the partnership, Petcurean’s GO! SOLUTIONS and NOW FRESH pet food lines will be listed on CUDDLY’s platform, allowing consumers to gift the pet foods to animal rescues and welfare organizations in need.

“We are thrilled to join forces with a community-oriented company like CUDDLY that provides much-needed resources for dogs and cats around the world,” said Brittany Keck, western US regional sales manager at Petcurean. “With so many cats and dogs in need — and especially those who don’t have pet parents of their own — the last thing we want them to worry about is ensuring they have their nutritional needs met. This partnership allows us to help our beloved furry friends in need by delivering the best possible nutrition to them, and aligns perfectly with our own values here at Petcurean.”

Petcurean’s partnership with CUDDLY is just one of the numerous ways the pet food company has strived to support animal organizations. During the past 23 years, the company has donated more than 3.3 million dog and cat meals and supported more than 1,695 rescues, shelters and organizations throughout Asia, Canada, Europe and the United States.

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