NEW YORK — The Dodo, a global media brand, announced Aug. 17 it is launching a segment focused on pet health and wellness called DodoWell.

The pet-focused media segment is sponsored by Petco and will highlight several resources for pet owners, including pet wellness tips, community features, curated pet product recommendations and advice from industry experts.

The Dodo is already coveted as a major social platform for animal news, reaching a pet-owning audience of nearly 100 million, including approximately 90% of its audience in the United States. This represents nearly 30 million more audience members than the company has for its parenting segment.

“The Dodo has built its brand around highlighting amazing animals and the humans who champion them,” said YuJung Kim, president of The Dodo. “We’ve taken caring for animals from a niche cause into the mainstream. Ninety-seven percent of our audience consider their pets as family members, which is why we decided to lean into our fans’ love for The Dodo’s content to create the go-to destination and community, DodoWell, for pet owners who want to be the best pet parent possible.”



According to The Dodo, DodoWell’s purpose will be to “reimagine what educational pet content looks like” and become a trusted resource among pet owners. Topics to be covered include how to care for shelter animals, veterinarian-recommended pet products, and more.

“As pet parents’ trusted partner in caring for the complete health and wellness needs of their pets, we’re excited to collaborate with the Dodo to bring pet wellness, veterinary care, training, grooming and pet nutrition recommendations to pet parents via DodoWell,” said Tariq Hassan, chief marketing officer at Petco. “Our sponsorship with The Dodo is a natural fit with our mission to ensure pets and parents live happy and healthy lives together.”

The DodoWell platform will have its own section on The Dodo will also share DodoWell content on its social media platforms, as well as in its daily newsletter.

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