CONCORD, CALIF. — California pet retailer Pet Food Express released the results of its 2023 impact programs, detailing that it extended more than $1.3 million in financial support and facilitated the adoption of thousands of pets to champion animal welfare.

Through its commitment to “paw-lanthropy,” the retailer got involved in state-wide pet welfare efforts, led financial contribution drives, supported rescue and foster programs, and hosted 4,042 adoption and non-adoption events throughout its entire 65-store network.

The retailer kicked-off its year of impact with its flagship event: Pet Food Express Pet Fair. The event facilitated 8,443 animal adoptions and raised more than $221,000 for 145 shelters and animal rescue organizations. The month-long event, held both in-person and online, offered over 280 adoption events, educational seminars and more throughout California.

Other 2023 initiatives included:

  • Fill The Food Bank, a month-long in-store and online drive to help provide donations to local pet food banks, therefore providing food and resources to pet parents in need. The event raised $225,549 and supported 24 pet food banks.
  • Kitten Season, which aimed to build awareness of the need for kitten fosters and adopters. This initiative donated $217,430 in supplies to 85 cat-centric rescues and shelters.
  • Holiday Shopping Spree, a year-round fund that provides supplies to animal organizations. This initiative generated more than $352,000 for 112 rescues and shelters in need.
  • 20/20 Coupons, which provided a supply of coupons to Pet Food Express’s 300-plus network of rescue and shelter partners. Coupons were then given to new adopters, who could redeem 20% off their Pet Food Express purchase, with the retailer donating $20 back to the organizations. This initiative donated more than $290,000 to 321 nonprofits.
  • PTSD Service Dog Support, which donated $250 gift cards to veterans graduating from rescue-centric service dog programs, providing them with pet essentials. This program donated more than $17,500 in gift cards and supported over 70 veterans.
  • Warehouse & Returns Donation Program, which donated more than 317 pallets of returned goods and merchandise to 35 local organizations, diverting products from landfills.

“Reflecting on 2023, we’re so proud of the impact we’ve made in the lives of thousands of pets and pet owners across California,” said Denyelle Bruno, chief executive officer, Pet Food Express. “It was made possible by our animal-loving customers and our devoted rescue and shelter partners. We’re energized to continue this legacy of love in 2024 to ensure that animals in need and the people who care for them feel supported.”

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