BOZEMAN, MONT. — Sustainable pet product company West Paw has added a slew of new freeze-dried dog treats to its portfolio. The treats, which include a variety of three formats and six proteins, are the company’s first ever dog treat offerings.

The company has released two variations of freeze-dried treats— limited-ingredient and single-ingredient — with a third treat launching this summer. All three are sustainably sourced.

West Paw’s limited-ingredient freeze-dried treats are available in two proteins, pork and duck, and are formulated with superfood vegetables, blueberries and goat milk.

Each limited-ingredient treat is formulated with six ingredients. The pork recipe includes pork (certified by the Food Alliance), sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach and goat milk. The duck formula contains humanely and sustainably raised duck meat, sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, blueberries and goat milk.

The Food Alliance certification is a third-party audit for sustainable agriculture and food handling practices within the state of Washington. Food Alliance works with farmers, processors and distributors to provide food safety and traceability certifications along the supply chain.

Duck meat for West Paw’s limited-ingredient Duck Superfoods formula is sourced from Maple Leaf Farms in northern Indiana.

The company also released single-ingredient freeze-dried treats for dogs in two options: raw beef heart or beef liver. Animal products used for these treats were also sourced in the Pacific Northwest from cattle certified as sustainable by the American Grassfed Association. They do not contain artificial ingredients or preservatives.

The American Grassfed Association is another third-party firm providing certifications for livestock producers. The association conducts inspections every 15 months to ensure continued compliance.

West Paw said it chose to incorporate organ meats including hearts, livers and other organs into its freeze-dried treat formulas as a way to sustainably utilize high-quality proteins that would have otherwise been wasted, without tapping into the animal protein supply chain for human consumption.

West Paw’s third variation of dog treats are creamy, mousse-textured indulgences. The company plans to release these in June 2020. 

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