GREENSBORO, NC. — Brave Paws, a pet nutraceuticals company, launched its new Anxiety and Stress Support Chewables for dogs on June 21. The supplements are formulated with sustainable, plant-based ingredients, including a patented blend of stress-relieving botanicals.

Many things can cause stress and anxiety in dogs, including noise phobias, separation from their pet parents and even aging. According to Brave Paws, noise phobias, like those associated with fireworks, are the most common causes of anxiety, impacting about 45% of dogs.

“Dogs suffer from anxiety just as much as we do, if not more,” said Mark Hill, chief executive officer of AABEX Animal Health, owner of Brave Paws. “Our chewables offer a sustainably sourced, plant-based solution that may help ease anxiety from noise phobia, separation from their owner, and everyday stress. We’re dog lovers too, and we just want our pups to be comfortable when faced with stressful events.”

The chew supplements are formulated with several stress- and anxiety-relieving compounds and botanicals, including Betulinic acid, Souroubea Spp., Platanus Spp. bark and Alpha- and Beta-Amyrin. Souroubea is a genus of plants from Costa Rica that has been used in several cultures for its ability to treat nervousness and anxiety, and Platanus is a North American Sycamore tree used in cultures to aid internal pain. The ingredients have been clinically studied to ensure safety and efficacy, according to Brave Paws.

“The active ingredients in Brave Paws Anxiety and Stress Support Chewables for Dogs, Souroubea Spp. and Platanus Spp., are supported by both clinical and safety studies,” said Shannon Gregoire, DVM, veterinarian. “The research is promising. These chewables may help calm dogs through stressful events like fireworks shows and thunderstorms.”

One chewable supplement contains 1000mg of Souroubea spp. and 1000mg of Platanus spp., helping reduce anxiety and stress caused by separation, car rides, thunderstorms, fireworks and other situations. According to Brave Paws, the supplements are fast-acting, non-drowsy and recommended by veterinarians.

“Our product is not a sedative,” Hill said. “Pet parents don’t want to tranquilize their dogs; they just want them to be calm during stressful events.”

For dosing, Brave Paws recommends serving one chewable per 20 lbs of body weight. The Anxiety and Stress Support Chewables can be given up to three times daily and can be served with or without food.

To create the supplements, the company sourced ingredients from Coopecuna, a woman-led co-op in Costa Rica that practices regenerative farming, improving the soil composition and biodiversity and helping the local community.

Brave Paws’ Anxiety and Stress Support Chewables are available via the company’s website in 30-count bottles for $29.99 and 3-bottle packs for $76.50.

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