NIEDERLENZ, Switzerland — Coperion, producer of extruders, feeders, material handling and complete equipment systems for pet food and treat manufacturers, released a new line of vibratory feeders for dry bulk solids under its K-Tron portfolio. The company reports that K3 feeders feature improved accuracy by up to 35%, gentle handling, and faster changeover resulting in less downtime and reduced product waste.

K3 vibratory feeders use a proprietary shock absorbing design that causes parallel motion instead of rotational motion. According to Coperion, this ensures more consistent and even product flow along the tray.

Energy consumption is also reduced when K3 feeders are paired with a Copertion K-Tron SmartConnex control system, with loads up to 6,000 kilograms per hour requiring as low as 20 Watts. Internal sensors measure acceleration, displacement, load, current and temperature up to 25,000 times per second.

Coperion’s K3 vibratory feeders are available as a package that includes a feed hopper, vibratory tray and vibratory drive mounted on the company’s patented Smart Force Transducer weighing technology featuring SmartConnex controls.

A hygienic, easy-clean configuration is also available, which includes a silicone cover to enclose the drive assembly, aside from the standard design.

A patent for Coperion’s K3 design is currently pending.

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