BRISTOL, PA. — Volkmann has unveiled its enclosed pneumatic vacuum conveyors that protect ingredients from risk of contamination. According to the company, the Volkmann VS pneumatic vacuum conveying system can replace bucket elevators, belt conveyors and other open-air conveying systems.

The new system can automatically transfer powders, pellets and other bulk materials and ingredients within a sealed, dust-tight conveyor to protect ingredients from exposure to plant environments. The Volkmann VS can eliminate potential contamination resulting from humidity, pests, lubricants and more. The system also eliminates the need to vacuum spillage, remove carryback materials and reduce routine staff maintenance.

Volkmann-Stickpack-Machine.jpgVolkmann VS enclosed pneumatic vacuum conveyor. (Photo courtesy of Volkmann)

According to Volkmann, the system is can be used for food and other nutritional ingredients, chemicals, metals and other materials when exposure-risk needs to be minimized. The VS conveyor also features quick disassembly for easy cleaning, an explosion-proof design, and is ATEX-certified for use in hazardous or non-regulated environments.

Testing of the VS sealed pneumatic conveying system can be viewed on-site at Volkmann’s Bristol facility or online.

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