BRISTOL, PA. — Volkmann USA, a Pennsylvania-based processing equipment supplier, has highlighted a solution for eliminating clumps to ensure smooth pneumatic vacuum conveying of powdered ingredients. The company’s lump breakers can be integrated at bulk bag unloaders, silos and hoppers to help processors make sure the desired particle size of free-flowing powders is achieved before they are conveyed to downstream processes.

Materials enter the lump breaker and go through a series of rotating blades that remove clumps and chunks. Once a consistent particle size is achieved, these materials exit the lump breaker and are discharged to a pneumatic vacuum conveyor where they can be mixed or otherwise processed. Any dust created during this process is captured in the enclosed system to ensure safety.

The lump breakers are equipped with an electro-pneumatic compact controller that is synched up with the pneumatic vacuum conveyor controller, which allows the lump breaker to automatically activate during suction. A mobility package, bearing temperature controller and automated compressed air flushing system can also be configurated to work with these systems.

Lump breakers from Volkmann are available in two standard sizes to accommodate a vast range of throughputs. The stainless-steel construction offers simple disassembly for cleaning and sanitation. The systems are ATEX-certified as explosion-proof in high dust and gas processing environments.

Volkmann offers testing of its lump breakers at its Bristol facility, either in-person or live-online.

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