RUGELEY, UNITED KINGDOM — Premier Nutrition, a supplier of premixed supplements and nutrition consulting to pet food manufacturers, announced on Feb. 8 that Chloe Poolman joined the team as support nutritionist. According to the company, which is a division of AB Agri., Poolman’s hiring follows a period of business acceleration.

“Chloe brings knowledge and enthusiasm to the team with the scientific backing of her degree, so I’m looking forward to working with her to build on this,” said Rob Halls, commercial manager for pet and equine, Premier Nutrition.

Chloe Poolman, nutrition specialist, Premier Nutrition. (Photo courtesy of Premier Nutrition)Chloe Poolman, support nutritionist, Premier Nutrition. (Photo courtesy of Premier Nutrition)

Poolman earned a degree in bioveterinary science from Harper Adam’s University.

“As part of my new role I will be providing tailored support and advice to our customers in the pet food industry,” Poolman said. “I will be analyzing the latest research and looking into developing premix formulations for a variety of diet formats, including treats, while working closely with our customers.”

As well as aiding in Premier Nutrition’s growth, Poolman hopes to act as a resource for customers using her own industry knowledge.

“Tapping into the team’s expertise and through my own industry research, I’ve been able to further develop my technical knowledge and will be putting this into practice by producing and publishing technical reviews for our customers,” Poolman said.

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