PITTSBURGH — On Feb. 11, Bully Max, a performance dog food and supplement brand, released its Bully Max Instant Fresh Dog Food. The new dehydrated product, which is reconstituted into a fresh diet with the addition of water, is an expansion on the brand’s new Classic Series dog food line.

Bully Max Instant Fresh Dog Food provides the benefits of a natural raw diet but with more vitamins and minerals compared to traditional raw dog food, according to the company. Produced in a human-grade kitchen, the food is formulated with natural ingredients, including chicken, barley, oats and rice to provide all dogs with energy, shiny coats, healthy skin and to support digestion.

"Our new Bully Max Instant Fresh Dog Food was created to transform the lives of our beloved pups,” said Matthew Kinneman, chief executive officer and founder of Bully Max. “Filled with only the most wholesome ingredients and vital nutrients, the new recipe is inspired by the power and undeniable benefits of raw nutrition! At Bully Max we believe in fueling high-quality energy that allows our dogs to live and feel their absolute best."

Bully Max’s new food can stay fresh for 50 times longer compared to traditional raw dog food, according to the brand.

The Instant Fresh Dog Food is available in 2.5-lb bags through the brand’s website and will also be available through Amazon soon. Bully Max also has plans to introduce a line of Raw Topper Bites within the next few weeks.

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