SYKESVILLE, MD. — National distributor of premium pet products, Pet Palette Distribution, has announced a partnership with Plato Pet Treats, a manufacturer of air-dried pet treats. The distributor will now carry almost 60 of Plato’s best-selling SKUs, including Thinkers and Mini Thinkers Real Sticks, Small Bites, Hunder’s Crunchy Jerky, Wild Caught Baltic Sprat, Original Real Strips and the Alaskan Salmon Oil Recipe kibble topper.

Pet Palette will also distribute a selection of Plato’s limited-edition, seasonal treats.

"We are thrilled to partner with Pet Palette Distribution, they have built an outstanding reputation for service and selection in meeting the needs of the Independent Pet Market,” said Aaron Merrell, chief executive officer of Plato Pet Treats. “With their fantastic team of experienced pet professionals, they are truly a pleasure to work with. I am confident this will be the beginning of a great partnership.”

Plato’s pet treats feature high-quality, limited ingredients and real meat proteins. The treats are formulated without corn, soy, wheat or artificial flavors and are naturally preserved and air-dried at the company’s Fresno, Calif. facility.

“As a brand that’s recognized for their intense commitment to producing safe, top-quality treats, Plato Pet Treats is a perfect addition to our growing treat category,” said Ron Metzger, president and chief operating officer of Pet Palette Distribution. “It’s been a pleasure to witness their growth over the past 14 years and we look forward to partnering with them on paving the next 14.”

Plato’s treats are now offered on Pet Palette’s e-commerce site at

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