HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. — Charles Ross & Son Company (ROSS) is offering large-scale powder dispersion technology through its Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) Technology for its mixers. The solution can quickly and efficiently release powders into low-viscosity liquids such as emulsions, aqueous solutions, resins, oils and melted waxes.

SLIM Technology can be added to its VersaMix Model VM-600, a dual-shaft mixer, to create a powerful suction that “draws solids sub-surface, directly into the high-shear zone,” the company said. This results in accelerated “wet-out” of powders and can reduce agglomeration, floating powders or dusting.

After adding the powder, the VM-600 can manage increased viscosity with help from a Two-Wing Anchor with Teflon scrapers. The process creates a thick gel, paste or slurry. The company also noted the VersaMix can also be fitted with a third agitator.

This mixing solution is operated from a 15-in HMI [human machine interface] touchscreen. The system can log customized recipes for accurate batching based on speed, time, temperature and vacuum pressure. The mixer control panel can also manage digital valve controls, batch ticket printing, pumps and load cells, and other programmed functions.

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