NEW LENOX, ILL. — Nutec Manufacturing’s 745H Food Forming System offers pet food and treat processors accuracy, efficiency and productivity in a small operational footprint. The former is portable, so it can be moved to different areas of the facility to meet flexibility needs of modern processors.

The system includes a rotary vane pump to gently transfer product while preventing back flow or overworking, Nutec explained. The solution can be used for beef, poultry, meat alternatives, vegetables and already mixed materials, with throughput rates of up to 3,600 lbs per hour.

Additionally, the mold plate on the 745H Forming System can be changed over in less than five minutes to reduce downtime and facilitate production flexibility.

The system’s portability also speaks to sanitation. The forming solution can be completely disassembled for washdowns in a matter of minutes, according to Nutec.

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