PORT ST. LUCIE, FLA. — Charles Ross & Son Company (ROSS) is offering custom-built, multi-phase mixing through its ROSS Ribbon Blenders now available with an optional pressure feed vessel. The pressure feed vessel allows for 100% discharge of liquid ingredients to support even, consistent batches.

The vessel and spray bar replaces manual pouring of liquids into a mixture. Liquid ingredients can be added to the mix when the blender is closed, which can reduce environmental safety issues.

Four or more spray nozzles are used to distribute the liquid ingredients uniformly throughout the blender, and the pressure feed vessel eliminates the need for a pump to get these ingredients to the spray bar.

The device can handle a supply of compressed air of 20 psig or higher. It is available in several sizes depending on required volume of the liquid additive, and the vessel can be mounted to ROSS Ribbon Blenders ranging from 1.5 to 500 cubic feet.

This solution can also aid clean-in-place and washdown procedures, according to ROSS.

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