NEW YORK — Made by Nacho, a brand of cat foods launched by Bobby Flay in April, is expanding its wet diets. The brand launched new flavors and textures of its cat food formulas, now formulated with bone broth and optimized for hydration.

"Cats do not have the same thirst drive as other species, so incorporating hydration into their diet is extremely important, especially as it relates to common health issues such as kidney disease," said Katja Lang, DVM, veterinary consultant at Made by Nacho. "While genetics can play a factor in developing kidney disease, ensuring a cat takes in enough hydration so that the kidneys (which are often the last to receive hydration), can function properly is key.”

The wet cat food line includes four formulas — Grain-Free Sustainably-Caught Diced Tuna & Cod Recipe, Cage-Free Minced Chicken Recipe, Sustainably-Caught Minced Salmon Recipe, and Grass-Fed, Grain-Finished Minced Beef Recipe — all set in a palatable bone broth to deliver added hydration and flavor.

“Made by Nacho's wet food provides complete and balanced nutrition that is high in protein and water content, offering a palatable way for cats to get everything they need. I happily recommend it to all my feline patients as part of their regular diet," Lang added.

Flay added, "Our wet foods are made with Nacho's secret ingredient, bone broth, for delicious flavor.   Nacho knows how important great taste is but also how to help keep cats healthy. We think of Made by Nacho's expanded wet food line as THE go-to for keeping felines hydrated and healthy.”

The wet pet food market is growing, with Chicago-based market research firm IRI reporting wet cat food sales grew 7.2% from August 2019 to August 2020. Sales of wet dog food grew 7.7% over the same period. New wet diets are touting better hydration and rotational feeding options for bet owners to offer improved variety and nutrition.

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