MOUNT PLEASANT, TEXAS — Mid America Pet Food announced Sept. 15 it has expanded its VICTOR Super Premium Pet Food portfolio to include three new dry cat food formulations, each addressing specific preferences and nutritional needs.

The brand has added Hi-Pro Plus — a spinoff of one of its top-performing dog food formulas — Healthy Skin & Coat kibble and Fit Feline™, a weight management solution. These additions bring VICTOR’s total dry cat food offerings to four recipes, including both grain-free and grain-inclusive options.

“Building on our commitment to providing super premium pet food at a common-sense value, the time was right to introduce new cat formulas,” said Greg Cyr, chief executive officer and president of Mid America Pet Food. “We’ve taken the same scientific approach to create these formulas as we do our super premium dog kibble. Every ingredient serves a nutritional purpose while delivering the high-quality nutrition pet parents expect from VICTOR.”

Hi-Pro Plus is designed for active cats and growing kittens, formulated with high levels of protein to support muscle development and energy. The diet is appropriate for all life stages, including pregnant and nursing female cats. According to the company, 88% of protein found in this diet is from meat sources, while 6% comes from plant-based sources and the remaining 6% from grains.

The new Healthy Skin & Coat diet is another high-protein option designed for indoor cats. It is grain-free and formulated with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to promote healthy skin and digestive health. The diet includes 85% of protein from meat sources, with the remaining 15% from plant-based sources.

Fit Feline is a grain-free weight maintenance formula also supporting digestive health. The formula includes natural fiber, chicken and duck proteins, and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to also aid skin and coat health. Mid America Pet Food shared 85% of protein in this diet comes from meat sources, while the other 15% comes from plant-based sources.

All three new formulas incorporate VICTOR’s proprietary Feline VPRO™ Blend of four ingredients that target coat, digestive and immune system health, as well as weight management.

Mid America Pet Foods sources a majority of ingredients used in its VICTOR dry pet food formulas from local suppliers and farms within a day’s drive of its manufacturing facility in eastern Texas, the company stated.

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