MOUNT PLEASANT, TEXAS — VICTOR Super Premium Pet Food, a Mid America Pet Food brand, announced Sept. 23 it has launched a new subline of dog food formulas in partnership with Realtree. The formulas are catered to active hunting dogs.

The two new formulas — Realtree MAX-5 PRO and Realtree EDGE ENERGY — include added glucosamine and chondroitin to support mobility in active dogs. Both recipes are formulated with increased levels of essential nutrients to promote energy and stamina, VICTOR stated.

“Realtree is an exciting partner for us as VICTOR has a deep history of feeding hunting and working dogs across the country,” said Greg Cyr, chief executive officer and president of Mid America Pet Food. “These dogs are athletes and require super premium nutrition to keep them in shape season after season. Our new Realtree formulas are specifically designed for the nutritional needs of a hunting dog, because we know how important it is to keep your hunting partner in peak shape.”

The company reported its Realtree MAX-5 PRO formula was inspired by its top-selling dog food, Hi Pro Plus, and includes a 30% to 20% protein to fat ratio, gluten-free grains, and multiple protein sources, of which 88% are derived from high-quality animal meats. The formula features beef meal as the first ingredient, but also incorporates fish and duck meals.

The new EDGE ENERGY is VICTOR’s highest-calorie formula at 415kcal per cup, specifically designed for upland hunting dogs and active dogs living in colder regions. The diet has a 28% to 22% protein to fat ratio, gluten-free grains, and multiple protein sources, of which 85% come from high-quality animal meats.

EDGE ENERGY includes ingredients to support mobility, as well as added salmon oil, providing omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to support immune system health, skin and coat health and improved cognitive function. The formula also includes chia seeds, which provide fiber and support heart health.

VICTOR will produce its new Realtree diets in Mid America Pet Food’s East Texas facility. All VICTOR formulas incorporate its proprietary blend of four ingredients: selenium yeast, mineral complexes, prebiotics and probiotics.

Realtree is a leading brand of camouflage, offering outdoor and lifestyle products.

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