MOUNT PLEASANT, TEXAS — Mid America Pet Food has launched a new dog food formula for large-breed adults and puppies under its VICTOR super premium brand.

The new Elite Canine formula incorporates premium-quality proteins and ingredients with naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin to support hip and joint development and maintenance. The formula incorporates premium-quality chicken and fish meals, according to the company.

Seventy percent of the protein in the diet is sourced from high-quality meat sources, according to the company, with 13% coming from plants and vegetables and the remaining 17% from grain sources. The formula features gluten-free grains, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids.

“While we have varying VICTOR formulas that are a good option for larger dogs, we know that large breed puppies and adult dogs have specific needs,” said Greg Cyr, chief executive officer and president of Mid America Pet Food, manufacturer of VICTOR. “We understand that every dog is unique, so in creating this formula it was important for us to offer pet parents a solution that has ideal nutrition for a large breed with a different protein option from other VICTOR formulas, all while staying true to the super premium nutrition expected from VICTOR.”

All VICTOR diets, including its new Elite Canine formula, are produced at Mid America Pet Food’s facility in East Texas, and include the company’s proprietary ingredient blend, VPRO™.

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