NEW YORK — Lord Jameson announced July 20 it has added a Large Breed Collection to its lineup of organic, handcrafted dog treats. The company will now offer three existing treat formulas — Celebration Bash, Savory Sweet and Blue Bliss — in larger bites designed specifically for larger breeds.

The Super Food Bites for Big Dogs line features three of Lord Jameson’s best-selling formulas, in pieces that are three-times larger (17 g per treat) than the size of its original 5.6 g treats. Like all other Lord Jameson dog treats, each chewy treat is hand-rolled in organic coconut shreds to boost palatability.

The Large Breed Celebration Bash formula features peanut butter, the Savory Sweet recipe includes sweet potatoes, savory spices and superfoods such as organic carrots, and the Blue Bliss formula incorporates wild blueberries and gluten-free oats.

“As a company, we strive to be as inclusive as possible and curate our product assortments so all dogs can enjoy our organic treats,” said Sarah Schleider Goldberger, founder of Lord Jameson. “Our new Super Food Bites For Big Dogs is our first step into the large breed market. We see this product as a power bite for big dogs to keep them fueled pre and post workout. We are incredibly excited to expand our existing line of treats to big dogs across the US.”

Lord Jameson produces all its dog treat products — including its new Large Breed Collection — at a company-owned kitchen in Boulder, Colo.

The company also shared that a portion of proceeds for each bag of dog treats it sells is donated to animal welfare organizations. Each recipe is free from gluten, corn, soy, dairy, artificial and GMO ingredients

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