SECAUCUS, NJ. — Fresh pet food company Freshpet recently expanded its product offerings, launching a new brand specifically for large dog breeds and a new patty format of its plant-based diets.

Freshpet Select Large Dog Big Bites Multi-Protein Recipe is designed to support large dog breeds. The diet is formulated with multiple proteins, including chicken, beef, egg and salmon, as well as vegetables, vitamins and minerals. The Large Dog formula contains an additional boost of glucosamine and chondroitin to help support joint health and mobility.

“Large dogs have particular needs that can help them live a long, healthy life,” said Gerardo Perez-Camargo, Ph.D., senior vice president of R&D at Freshpet. “We developed this nutrient-dense, highly digestible formula with ingredients specifically tailored to support joints and mobility and nourish a healthy heart. The large bites are specially sized for bigger dogs, making this the ideal food for large dogs to enjoy and thrive on.”

The new Large Dog Big Bites Multi-Protein Recipe is available in 5-lb bags at mass grocery retailers and pet stores throughout the United States.

Freshpet's new plant-based dog food pattiesSource: Freshpet

Alongside the large dog formula, Freshpet has also expanded its plant-based offerings with its new Spring & Sprout™ Patties. The new Spring & Sprout Plant-Based Protein & Egg Recipe with Apple & Cheese patties are fully cooked and ready to serve. The complete-and-balanced formula is made with egg, soy protein, oats, carrots, apple, cheddar cheese, and vitamins and minerals.

The Spring & Sprout Patties are available in 8-oz pouches containing two patties each at limited stores throughout the United States.

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