ST. LOUIS — Pet Botanics has introduced a freeze-dried, single-ingredient training treat for dogs. Freeze Dried Training Rewards™ are formulated with real beef liver and do not contain BHA, BHT or artificial ingredients.

Each treat contains two calories and 67% protein. They are designed for “lengthy training sessions,” according to Pet Botanics. The freeze-dried manufacturing process preserves the taste and smell of the beef liver, therefore making these treats a commanding and motivating option for training, according to the company.

“New Pet Botanics Freeze Dried treats offer the same advantages that have led professional dog trainers to use and recommend Pet Botanics training rewards for many years – they’re a delicious and effective training motivator and they’re low in calories,” said Joe McIver, senior brand manager at Whitebridge Pet Brands. “Freeze-drying adds even more benefits: it locks in flavor, retains nutrients, extends shelf life, and makes it easy for us to offer a treat with just one ingredient natural beef liver  that is minimally processed and contains no additives or preservatives.”

This new training treat plays into a growing market for freeze-dried pet food and treat products. The company cited DataM Intelligence data that forecasts this category to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.3% between 2021 and 2028.

The Pet Botanics brand is now under the management of Whitebridge Pet Brands following its acquisition of Cardinal Pet Care in January 2020.

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