NOVATO, CALIF. and NEW YORK — Bow Wow Labs Inc. has added Crunch Puffs, a single-ingredient crunchy treat for dogs, to its portfolio of dog nutrition and health products.

Crunch Puffs are all-natural, high in protein and low in fat. The treats include 100% grass-fed beef proteins and support healthy teeth and gums. These ultra-crunchy dog chews are designed to satisfy the “need to chew” in dogs without being a long-lasting dental product.

“Dogs seem to love crunchy treats, so we were determined to create a treat that resembles a dog biscuit texture, all while meeting high-quality standards,” said Michael London, chief executive officer of Bow Wow Labs. “Chewing is a normal behavior for dogs and is essential for keeping their teeth cleaned and their minds mentally stimulated. There are many benefits of our new Crunch Puffs treats that we know both dog and owner will appreciate!”

Bow Wow Labs suggests feeding one Crunch Puff per day to dogs under 25 lbs, two Crunch Puffs per day for dogs between 26 and 50 lbs, and up to three Crunch Puffs per day for dogs weighing over 51 lbs.

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