NEW YORK — Bow Wow Labs, Inc., a pet product company launched in late 2018, rolled out a new line of dog treats in January. Waggy Wafers are slow-roasted meat treats that are all-natural, containing no artificial ingredients or fillers.

The treats are available in organic chicken, salmon, and turkey and pumpkin formulas. The salmon treats offer benefits of Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids for skin and coat health, and the turkey pumpkin recipe offers digestion support. These three dog treats are made in the US.

“In addition to Bully Buddy, our line of Bully Sticks has had great success this year as well since they are made from fresh, 100% grass-fed cattle that’s free of chemicals and hormones,” said Linda London, COO of Bow Wow Labs. “We were inspired to make a treat line that holds these same standards of quality and nutrition, and we feel confident our slow roasted Waggy Wafers will be loved by both dog and owner alike!”

Bully Buddy, a safety device able to attach to bully sticks to prevent choking, is Bow Wow Labs’ flagship product. The company also sells bully sticks for dogs.

The company has seen impressive growth since its founding. By the end of its first year in business, the company hit $1.8 million in sales. Bow Wow Labs said it is projecting sales to triple by the end of its second year.

“2019 was a momentous year for Bow Wow Labs, and in 2020 we plan to take our products and brand to an even higher level of success,” said Michael London, CEO at Bow Wow Labs. “The demand for quality pet products that ensure better health and safety is booming, which is why our Bully Buddy and Bully Sticks have gained great popularity among pet families and are a proven game-changer in the industry!”

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