NOVATO, CALIF. — Bow Wow Labs, Inc. (BWL) has introduced a Natural Chew Starter Kit, filled with three single-ingredient chew products designed for dogs of all ages, breeds and levels of chew enthusiasm.

The Starter Kit includes two 6-inch braided esophagus chews, two 6-inch esophagus flat chews, and a 4-oz pork lung chew.

“In this day and age, many treats and chews on the market are loaded with fillers, preservatives and a never-ending ingredient list,” said Johnna Devereaux, CPN, director of nutrition and wellness at Bow Wow Labs. “BWL is pleased to give pet parents a wide selection of chews and treats that are single-ingredient, high-quality and species-appropriate. The new Natural Chew Starter Kit will make a great addition to our collection that both dogs and their people will love and appreciate!”

The esophagus chews both include at least 83% protein and a maximum of 11% moisture, with braided esophagus containing at least 4% crude fat, a maximum of 2% crude fiber, and 25 calories per chew. The esophagus flat chews contain at least 3% crude fat, a maximum of 3% crude fiber, and 13 calories per chew.

The pork lung bites include at least 65% protein, a maximum of 10% moisture, at least 8% crude fat, no more than 3% crude fiber, and 10 calories per treat.

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