ST. LOUIS — Tiki Pets on Feb. 1 continued its expansion of cat nutrition offerings with Tiki Cat Filets, a line of single-ingredient, steamed fish protein meal toppers for felines. Each topper is a whole-muscle filet of either all-natural, dolphin-free tuna or wild-caught salmon to add a boost of high-protein to a cat’s diet.

These natural prey toppers are intended to be served on top of a dry or wet complete-and-balanced cat food, or on their own as treats. The tuna topper features 75% protein, while the salmon topper is 88% protein.

“Cats are obligate carnivores who, in nature, must rely on protein from their prey to derive all their essential nutrients,” said Ann Hudson, vice president of marketing for Tiki Pets. “With real tuna or salmon as its one and only ingredient, Tiki Cat Filets provides an excellent source of the high-quality animal protein that felines require, mimicking their natural prey diet.”

Tiki Cat Filets toppers can also be used for supplemental hydration, Hudson added.

The toppers are available in individual pouches, sold in packages of 12, that can be fed all at once or saved and used in smaller portions.

“As a high-protein topper made exclusively with real fish filets, Tiki Cat Filets gives retailers a stand-out product in the category, one that pet parents can feel good about giving to their cats,” Hudson concluded.

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