SÃO PAULO — Natoo, a pet nutrition brand owned by PremieRpet, has launched a line of super-premium, “protein-packed” meal toppers for dogs and cats. The brand will debut the new products during Global Pet Expo this week at booth #1046.

According to the company, the new Natoo Meal Toppers/Treats are formulated with clean ingredients, single-source proteins and palatable broths. They are available in two formulas for dogs — Chicken with Sweet Potato & Broccoli in Broth and Salmon & Brown Rice in Broth — and two for cats — Chicken & Brown Rice in Broth and Tuna & Brown Rice in Broth.

All recipes are packaged in tear-open pouches and free from byproducts, preservatives and artificial colors or flavors. They can be served as a meal topper on a pet’s regular diet or as a treat.

“We’re excited to expand our line to include these new, natural and healthy Meal Toppers/Treats,” said Fernando Maluf, vice president of international sales at PremieRpet. “Our food scientists partnered with veterinarians and researchers to ensure that each bite of these vitamin-fortified recipes has the optimal nutrition pets need to thrive.”

Natoo Meal Toppers/Treats are produced at PremieRpet’s facility in Brazil, which maintains a Gold certification from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. The sustainable facility earned the certification after having been evaluated for carbon footprint, water usage, energy efficiency, air quality, waste handling and overall environmental impact, according to PremieRpet.

“PremieRpet has long been recognized as a leader in environmental responsibility and sustainability,” Maluf said. “We constantly strive to minimize our carbon footprint at every point in our production line, and these new products are no exception.”

The company’s new meal topper/treat products will soon become available to independent retailers across the United States. They will be packaged in 3-oz pouches for dogs and 2.4-oz pouches for cats.

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