LOVELAND, COLO. — BarknBig, a brand of premium dog chews made by BarkDine, unveiled its new brand identity Sept. 29, along with news of two distribution partnerships to expand its reach in the western United States.

The dog chew manufacturer partnered with Albuquerque, N.M.-based Rio Grande Service Center to distribute products in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming, as well as Richmond, Wash.-based Aloha Natural Pet Supply to distribute in Oregon and the state of Washington.

“The partnerships with Rio and Aloha will greatly benefit retailers,” said Chris Milliken, national sales manager, BarkDine. “Through Rio and Aloha, BarknBig retailers will see consistent fulfillment and order processing in addition to a one-stop customer service experience.”

Both distributors will carry BarknBig’s entire line of dog bones and chews. The brand’s products are all free from chemicals and additives. Animal meats are sourced from local meat-packing plants.

“The visual identity rebrand focuses on the quality of the BarknBig product,” said Justin Boling, director of marketing. “The new packaging, labels, and logo that represent BarknBig are simple to read with colors that will grab the consumer’s attention.”

BarknBig is just one of hundreds of pet bone and chew lines that are co-manufactured by BarkDine, which is itself a subsidiary of PetDine LLC launched in April 2020.

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