HAUPPAUGE, NY.  — Health Extension, a family-owned pet food and treat manufacturer, has partnered with two pet industry distributors to expand its reach in Colorado, northern New Mexico and Florida.

One of the partnerships is with Central Pet Distribution, a subsidiary of Central Garden and Pet, which will distribute its products throughout Colorado and northern New Mexico. The other partnership is with Choice Pet Products, which will add Health Extension’s pet food and treat products to its Florida distribution network.

“Health Extension is well known for the quality and safety of their products and is vet recommended,” said Doug Horiski, vice president of sales and operations at Choice Pet Products. “Their product lineup gives retailers in our network a competitive advantage by providing the finest holistic ingredients at the best possible price. We are proud to represent Health Extension.”

Founded in 1980, Central Garden and Pet is headquartered in Walnut Creek, Calif.

“We look forward to doing exciting things together,” said Brad Gruber, president of Health Extension, about the company’s partnership with Central Pet Distribution.

Choice Pet Products was initially established in 2014, but further developed through the merger of Complete Animal Nutrition and SmartPetLove in February 2020. The company represents a diverse range of high-quality pet brands and products, including pet food and treat options.

Founded in 1963, Health Extension recently moved its headquarters and distribution center to Hauppauge after purchasing a 55,000-square-foot facility there for $7.35 million. The company also acquired two companies this past year — Ancestry Pet Food and a subsidiary brand of Ancestry, Sammy Snacks that sells human-grade pet treats.

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