CARLSBAD, CALIF. — Thermo Fisher Scientific has optimized the deployment model for its Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS [laboratory information management system] software to provide end-to-end support for laboratories using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

This allows the company to manage the deployment process from installation and maintenance to backup and recovery, Thermo Fisher reported. The improved deployment model will offer laboratories reduced costs associated with running and maintaining traditional deployment methods.

"Life science and industrial laboratories are increasingly adopting a cloud-first approach to enterprise-wide LIMS implementation," said Richard Milne, vice president and general manager of digital science at Thermo Fisher. "However, managing deployments to a laboratory’s own cloud hosting service can be a costly and resource-intensive process.

“We have developed the new cloud services to alleviate this burden and enable SampleManager LIMS software customers to use the system’s superior functionality and integration capabilities without having to invest significant resources into the setup and ongoing management of a cloud environment," Milne added.

Thermo Fisher added its improved deployment model is optimized for data security and protection. The company also offers its own Corporate Information Security (CIS) program as a guideline for security principles, confidentiality and data integrity.

More information about the company’s LIMS software can be found on Thermo Fisher’s website.

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