GREEN BAY, WIS. ­— EDL Packaging Engineers, a subsidiary of Massman Company offering packaging solutions for pet food processors, has released a shrink-wrapping machine to tightly unitize pet food multipacks. The solution uses two perpendicular bands of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film, which are then fused during heat shrinking to eliminate product shifting and improve handling during palletization and transportation.

EDL’s new Double Tight Wrapper is designed for gable-topped, bagged and pouched pet food packages and is also applicable for large cat litter bags. Currently, the maximum throughput is 22.5 bundles per minute, but EDL is currently working to increase this throughput capacity. Overall, throughput depends on the size of the bag, its material and the bundle pattern.

The use of double film in this shrink-wrapper provides better coverage and protection, especially around the edges and corners of bundles, according to the company. The solution results in a 15-40% reduction of film consumption when compared to other shrink-wrap systems, as well as a 25-50% reduction in heat tunnel energy consumption.

EDL offers several different configurations for this solution to provide flexibility in production and room for line expansion. The systems are equipped with easy-to-clean design features and compliant with regulatory requirements.

EDL’s Double Tight Wrapper and similar systems can also be used for other food products, such as beans and foodservice consumables including trays and cup holders.

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