CLIFTON, N.J. — Automated Flexible Conveyor (AFC) rolled out a new fully automated Batch-Weigh System capable of transferring, weighing and dispensing precise quantities of raw materials for food processing applications.

According to AFC, the new solution achieves 99% or better batch-weighing accuracy, while eliminating the risk of operator error and subsequent product waste. The solution can also increase throughput and improve product consistency between batches.

The solution is dust-tight and incorporates AFC’s Spiralfeeder flexible screw conveyor, which includes a companion infeed hopper, weigh hopper, load cells, pneumatic slide gate and a proprietary drive with integral seals, the company stated.

The improved Batch-Weigh System is run through PLC-based process controls and can manage one or several materials fed from multiple locations throughout a plant. The controls allow operators to store multiple recipes for seamless production of various products.

This new ingredient handling solution is designed and manufactured at AFC’s headquarters in New Jersey. Customers can conduct product and performance testing in-person or online at the company’s testing center.

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