PARSIPPANY, NJ. — Pet owners are getting keen on reading labels and looking for functional ingredients, namely searching for formulas that contain added vitamins and nutrients that boost immune system health, according to a recent pet owner survey by Royal DSM.

The survey included 500 dog and cat owners living in the United States. A majority (72%) were dog owners, 48% were cat owners, and 6% owned a bird or reptile. Some households represented mixed-species ownership.

DSM reported 69% of pet owners said they are more likely to purchase pet food products that offer optimized vitamin and nutrient levels that support healthy immune systems. Another 70% said they believe the inclusion of vitamins and nutrients in pet food is of peak importance to pet health.

Additionally, 73% of pet owners surveyed said they believe the brand they already purchase provides the correct amount of vitamins and nutrients to support immune health.

“In recent months, keeping our immune systems and those of our pets has become keenly important,” said Julia Novita, marketing manager for pet food, North America at DSM. “By offering our pets the right foods — rich in key vitamins and nutrients —  we can help maintain our pet’s health. We know, for example, the right amount of vitamins D, C and E, key B vitamins with beta carotene plus essential minerals and omega 3 fatty acids nourish the immune function which helps aid our pets against everyday challenges. Because we’ve all been spending more time at home, the bond with these four- legged family members is especially strong right now.”

As the pet industry continues to trend toward functional ingredients and solutions-based formulas, it’s crucial to keep a finger on the pulse of pet owner preferences and priorities.

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