SEATTLE — Austin and Kat Pet Products announced May 7 its partnership with Packer Mellem to bolster pet specialty sales and marketing in the United States.

Austin and Kat offers several premium CBD-infused treats and tinctures for companion animals. The brand is looking to create a “deeper market penetration” in the independent and pet specialty channels, the company said.

"I’m excited to partner my team, which I consider a group of really good human beings, with the people from Austin and Kat, whom I consider to be really good human beings,” said Rob Mellem, founder of Packer Mellem.

Packer Mellem is a sales agency that supports several other pet food, treat and product brands in the United States market.

“I saw a gap in the pet industry,” Mellem said. “There were so many intriguing, great brands out there...and anyone that has built out a team in the pet industry knows how fast the operating costs add up.  Now we have eleven reps in the field (at Packer Mellem) and I couldn’t be more proud.” 

Liz Schmitt, vice president of sales for Packer Mellem, added, “Our team can’t wait to go see customers again and we’re excited to bring them the healthy line of CBD wellness products from Austin and Kat.”

Austin and Kat Pet Products was founded in 2014 with CBD-infused biscuits and oils for pets. Its small-batch products are designed to aid in inflammation, anxiety and physical pain in animals. They are all natural, gluten-free and the ingredients are locally sourced.

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