SEATTLE — Austin and Kat Pet Products, a premium CBD brand for pets, has expanded its national distribution with Pet Food Experts to include Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky, beginning July 7. The pet CBD brand is already distributed by Pet Food Experts in the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain region, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States.

“We’re thrilled to expand once again with Pet Food Experts,” said Kat Donatello, founder and chief executive officer of Austin and Kat. “Launching in the Ohio Valley region will allow us to meet the needs of a new customer base with the help of so many brilliant and knowledgeable retailers. It also aligns with the recent release of our functional oils.”

Austin and Kat recently released a new line of functional CBD oils, which are formulated with natural extracts to promote overall health and well-being in pets.

The company said it plans to connect with more customers and retailers in this new region through its sales staff.

“Pet Food Experts is a fantastic partner for us,” added Ryan Dermody, vice president of sales for Austin and Kat. “Their expansion into the Ohio Valley Region gives Austin and Kat an opportunity to partner with more retailers in this region of the country – ultimately providing more consumers innovative products that improve the quality of life for their four-legged friends.”

Pet Food Experts announced June 25 it has added the Ohio Valley region to its distribution network. Following the expansion, the distributor will serve more than 4,500 independent pet retailers in 34 states.

The three states will be served through Pet Food Experts’ distribution centers in Des Plaines, Ill. and Denver, Pa.

“We’re thrilled to be able to bring Austin and Kat to the Ohio Valley region with our expansion in this market,” said Sean Kent, vice president of vendor development for Pet Food Experts. “At Pet Food Experts, we carefully curate brands that are independent pet retail focused, and look forward to continued growth and expansion with Austin and Kat.”

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